Vegas, Baby

The thing that struck me when I first arrived in Vegas was how big everything seriously is. I didn’t know what to expect but the magnitude of fairytale like structures really blew me away. I’ve been staying at the Delano¬†which is right next to the large Egyptian themed Casino called the Luxor, and it has

Capr(i love you)

Each toe extended as I launched myself off the tottering boat into the clear blue water. My body hit the waves and the freezing temperature shocked it, causing me to gasp for breath. All it took was a minute for everything to numb over until I could no longer feel my skin moving under the

Beach Bummin’ Smoothie!

No paradise is complete without a delicious fruit smoothie! While I was in Panama City Beach, my friends and I made mixed-berry and banana smoothies for breakfast. Smoothies ( & Jesus! ) are the perfect way to start your day because they’re so yummy, and yet healthy and energizing to get you ready for whatever