Lord After Our Hearts

After visiting Tel Aviv, I went to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and a few other places for a few days with my group, The David Project. It’s been crazy cool to see such a vast variety of sights that bring us to different places in time, with different cultures and beliefs. The things I’ve learned and the

The Streets of Tel Aviv

Can I just say, two days in Tel Aviv was simply not enough! I have been loving the Israeli culture so far, and I can’t wait to continue exploring, learning and growing. If you didn’t know, I flew into Tel Aviv, Israel a few days ago with an organization called the David Project, and I’ll be here

Kilo Shop

As I’ve thought about how I want to format this fairly recent travel portion of my blog, it has come to my attention that I there are a couple of things that I absolutely love, and seek out when I’m traveling. Cafes and clothing shops. I mean, what else does a girl need?! I think

El Camino: Every Step I Take

After just 12 days on the Camino, the physical strain on my body finally struck a cord. My ankle had started aching on day 7, but it wasn’t until the twelfth day that I got confirmation of the tendinitis living in my foot. Because of the many blisters that formed on my toes (literally, every