The Dead Sea

Coolest. Experience. Ever. Just sayin. On our second to last day in Israel, we went to the Dead Sea for a couple hours of fun! And boy, it was. For those of you who don’t know, the Dead Sea got its name due to the fact that no living creatures are able to survive in

Lord After Our Hearts

After visiting Tel Aviv, I went to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and a few other places for a few days with my group, The David Project. It’s been crazy cool to see such a vast variety of sights that bring us to different places in time, with different cultures and beliefs. The things I’ve learned and the

The Streets of Tel Aviv

Can I just say, two days in Tel Aviv was simply not enough! I have been loving the Israeli culture so far, and I can’t wait to continue exploring, learning and growing. If you didn’t know, I flew into Tel Aviv, Israel a few days ago with an organization called the David Project, and I’ll be here