Mastering Monday in Mules

Lately, my shoe of choice has definitely been none other than mules. I love how a good mule can dress up your outfit to look more professional and put together, no matter what you have planned for the day. Cut off jeans have never looked better paired with any other shoe. Not to mention, they’re

Florence Winds and Wanderings

Don’t get me wrong, I love love┬áLOVE┬áRome, but Florence might be a new favorite! This past weekend I went and visited the smaller city and stayed with some friends who are studying there (aka the infamous Maggie Manning who can be found on her fabulous Instagram). We took a short hike up to an overlook

DIY Channeling Chokers

Chokers have literally been my obsession for the past couple of years, and I would probably have a million by now if they weren’t so ridiculously expensive! Specifically, I’ve really been loving thicker black ones with and without all kinds of gems, symbols, and details. So yes, I love them all. The thing is chokers

DIY Style: Perfectly Patched

Calling all former girl scouts! About this time last year, I began seeing all of these adorable denim jackets covered in assorted patches all over Instagram, Pinterest and fashion websites. Cue total obsession! Thus started the slow collection of patches that I like from my various travels and craft stores. Now that fall is in

It’s all about Denim, Darling

Ok guys, I know it’s not your first time seeing this outfit. I’ve been pretty much rockin’ this ensemble multiple times a week ever since I got it in South Africa. However, I’ve never actually taken full body photos in it and done a feature on it on here, so that’s what today is going

Falling in Love with the City of Love

So yes, my time in South Africa is done. I really hope you guys enjoyed my #TrendyMeetsSouthAfrica series, because I really enjoyed sharing it with you guys! God did amazing things this past month and I’m forever grateful for the things I’ve experienced and learned.However, my traveling is not done! Strap up your hiking boots