Copenhagen, Denmark

I had barely left the airport and made my way to the metro station by the time I had the most overwhelming feeling that I was going to love Copenhagen. Or, København as the Danish would say. Everyone seemed so friendly and put together, and their public transportation was astonishing clean… a stark difference from Rome. I’m not

Torre A Mare

If you haven’t seen my last blog post, you wouldn’t know that I took a weekend trip to Bari last week! Sunny docks, old cities, and lots of seafood (ok, the seafood isn’t my favorite, #vegetarianproblems). Regardless, I had a blast visiting my friend Roberto (who you can get to know in my vlogs from

German Layovers and Lattés

Can I just start by saying, 84 hours with out a shower makes for some very stinky college students! So as some of you might already know, and the rest of you are about to find out, I’m in South Africa! I’m here for one month with an organization called Cru to build relationships with