DIY Snow Bunny Season

It only took me 3.7 seconds in between when winter beanies with two pompoms hit the shelves in fashion stores to go from confused to obsessed. I mean seriously, does it get any cuter? I love the little kid look the snow bunny beanies have, and it only gets better with another pompom! Stores like Forever21, H&M,

DIY Channeling Chokers

Chokers have literally been my obsession for the past couple of years, and I would probably have a million by now if they weren’t so ridiculously expensive! Specifically, I’ve really been loving thicker black ones with and without all kinds of gems, symbols, and details. So yes, I love them all. The thing is chokers

Fall DIY Decor: Perfectly Polaroid

Put down your pumpkin spice latte. Pause your foliage photoshoots. You guys NEED to make this cute polaroid-hanging-indy-vibe-stick-holder-thing. I named it myself. Taken from some Urban Outfitters inspiration, I really wanted to create this decor piece that can really complete your indy vibe collage wall. For this DIY you will need:

Fall DIY Decor: Chalkboard Globe

With fall practically upon us, it is the perfect time to shake up your room decor in your apartment, bedroom or dorm! I could literally spend hours scrolling on Pinterest, saving dozens of photos of bedrooms I can only dream about. Think cute succulents, twinkly lights, and marble everything. Aka, I want to live in