La Milkeria

Back at it again with a Florence spotlight, what can I say? This city is full of gems. This past weekend some friends and I went to a little cafe and crepe shop called La Milkeria for breakfast. They have endless options of waffles, crepes and pancakes, so needless to say I was in love.

La Ménagère

Every time I go back to Florence I fall just a little bit more in love. The small city has such a unique atmosphere and  I seriously can’t get enough! The first time I went I met a friend at a little cafe called La Ménagère, and I obviously had to go back a few weekends

Birdie Food & Coffee

“Excuse me, a little bird told me I could find great chirp-accinos here?” Ok, I had to. All puns intended. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I went to Geneva for the weekend to visit my friend Lizzie! Of course no weekend trip is complete without a trip to the local #trendy

Romeow Cat Bistro

Another day another cappuccino, am I right? This past week in Rome, Italy a friend and I went to a little vegan cafe and oh. my. cuteness. The entire place is cat themed and (get this), there are actual cats inside! Talk about a puuur-fect lunch. I couldn’t (and still can’t tbh) get over the