22 Things Learned in Year 22

The word ‘extra’ is an adjective, and it describes me. Not everyone is going to be my friend, or even going to like me, but I can and should invest deeply in those who do. When people are hard to love, it’s my responsibility to love them even more because Christ loved me first. My parents moved away and I …

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#TrendyChelsea turns 21! (Why I Waited till Now to Drink)

Sometime between the ages of 14 and 16, I decided that I was going to wait until my 21st birthday to have my first drink (a piƱa colada, to be exact) with my mom. While that didn’t exactly pan out due to logistical reasons, that decision has certainly shaped how my high school and college careers have looked thus far. …

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A Toast to My 20s

“When I was in my 20s, I was a lost soul. Your 20s are about finding your soul.” -Oprah Winfrey Thats right, folks. This Saturday, October 17th at 1:36 AM I will officially no longer be a teenager. Its kind of crazy to think about it. I’m on the verge of a whole new decade. Everything I experience from this …

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