Spring Break Obsession, Rompers!

First of all, I’M SO SORRY. It has literally been over a week since I have posted new content on here for you guys. Now I know I betrayed your trust, and I so deeply sorry.  I really hope we can just forget this happened and start fresh? I promise to stay true this time.

3 Tips to Help You Hear God

One of my constant questions when I first started walking with the Lord was “how do I hear Him?” I think a lot of believers struggle with this same question as they learn to seek His will for their life. We constantly read in scripture how people literally heard God’s voice. How nice would it

Rock out with Rocksbox!

Calling all my fellow poor collegians! Give me some virtual snaps if you understand the financial struggles of college students. And because we struggle so much financially, there are just some things that naturally, I will not buy. One of those things is jewelry. Part of this might be because I cannot afford any real