Birdie Food & Coffee

“Excuse me, a little bird told me I could find great chirp-accinos here?” Ok, I had to. All puns intended. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I went to Geneva for the weekend to visit my friend Lizzie! Of course no weekend trip is complete without a trip to the local #trendy

Romeow Cat Bistro

Another day another cappuccino, am I right? This past week in Rome, Italy a friend and I went to a little vegan cafe and oh. my. cuteness. The entire place is cat themed and (get this), there are actual cats inside! Talk about a puuur-fect lunch. I couldn’t (and still can’t tbh) get over the

Sick and Abroad

Upon first arrival in Italy, the most frustrating thing to happen while traveling happened. I got sick. I didn’t see it coming in the slightest, but that didn’t stop me from waking up the first morning with an overwhelming nauseous feeling in my body and not even an appetite for some crackers. Right when I

To New Adventures (Rome, Italy)

A little while ago I told you guys I wanted to write out my new years resolutions for a #trendytuesday post, but then I decided to wait on that because there weren’t going to be any drastic changes to my life. That is, until today. I’m currently writing this in the Boston airport waiting to

The Dead Sea

Coolest. Experience. Ever. Just sayin. On our second to last day in Israel, we went to the Dead Sea for a couple hours of fun! And boy, it was. For those of you who don’t know, the Dead Sea got its name due to the fact that no living creatures are able to survive in

Lord After Our Hearts

After visiting Tel Aviv, I went to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and a few other places for a few days with my group, The David Project. It’s been crazy cool to see such a vast variety of sights that bring us to different places in time, with different cultures and beliefs. The things I’ve learned and the