Copenhagen, Denmark

I had barely left the airport and made my way to the metro station by the time I had the most overwhelming feeling that I was going to love Copenhagen. Or, København as the Danish would say. Everyone seemed so friendly and put together, and their public transportation was astonishing clean… a stark difference from Rome. I’m not

La Milkeria

Back at it again with a Florence spotlight, what can I say? This city is full of gems. This past weekend some friends and I went to a little cafe and crepe shop called La Milkeria for breakfast. They have endless options of waffles, crepes and pancakes, so needless to say I was in love.

La Ménagère

Every time I go back to Florence I fall just a little bit more in love. The small city has such a unique atmosphere and  I seriously can’t get enough! The first time I went I met a friend at a little cafe called La Ménagère, and I obviously had to go back a few weekends

Capr(i love you)

Each toe extended as I launched myself off the tottering boat into the clear blue water. My body hit the waves and the freezing temperature shocked it, causing me to gasp for breath. All it took was a minute for everything to numb over until I could no longer feel my skin moving under the

Torre A Mare

If you haven’t seen my last blog post, you wouldn’t know that I took a weekend trip to Bari last week! Sunny docks, old cities, and lots of seafood (ok, the seafood isn’t my favorite, #vegetarianproblems). Regardless, I had a blast visiting my friend Roberto (who you can get to know in my vlogs from

It’s Bari, baby

Spring is poking it head around the corner here in sunny Italy, and the warm weather is making me so excited for the rest of this semester! Last weekend I took a trip to Bari, Italy to visit a friend and see a little bit of Italy’s coast. All I have to say is it