22 Things Learned in Year 22

  1. The word ‘extra’ is an adjective, and it describes me.
  2. Not everyone is going to be my friend, or even going to like me, but I can and should invest deeply in those who do.
  3. When people are hard to love, it’s my responsibility to love them even more because Christ loved me first.
  4. My parents moved away and I still don’t know how to make my own doctor appointments.
  5. The Psalms are a soft place to land. Turning to them during trials and tribulations brings refuge and forgiveness.
  6. I am absolutely restless. I constantly have to work on being content where I am, and not preoccupied with what I’d be doing if I were on the other side of the world.
  7. When we go places, we leave a little piece of our heart there. It’s a bittersweet kinda thing.
  8. I’m madly extroverted… and have a hard time understanding introverts.
  9. Instead of over-committing, its better to invest deeper in a fewer amount of things.
  10. God’s timing and plan for my life is so much better than my own. Trusting Him is always the better choice.
  11. It’s ok to be alone with Jesus. Sometimes He takes away all of the distractions we fill our lives with until we realize that.
  12. I have a real voice. With Christ’s help I am capable of articulating, directing, and facilitating.
  13. 24 hours without a hug is far too long.
  14. My insecurities and my sin are not too big for God. Speaking truth from His word to ourselves is how He helps us overcome.
  15. I could eat Margherita pizza everyday for the rest of my life and probably be fine.
  16. Going to Israel makes scripture so much more real. The Bible is made up of real events that happened with real people.
  17. International friendships are fun, confusing, comical, intensional, frustrating, and worth it. 
  18. Tattoos hurt. Like real bad. But I wouldn’t change mine for anything.
  19. Being a self advocate is an important skill to have.
  20. It’s virtually impossible to own too many lipsticks.
  21. The Taylor Swift ’22’ song annoys the crap out of me.
  22. Sharing a birthday week with my best friends is possibly the best thing ever.

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