Mastering Monday in Mules

Lately, my shoe of choice has definitely been none other than mules. I love how a good mule can dress up your outfit to look more professional and put together, no matter what you have planned for the day. Cut off jeans have never looked better paired with any other shoe. Not to mention, they’re super comfortable and easy to slip on. Cue my lazy Monday morning self.
I picked up these rose embroidered mules from Marshalls, and they were only $20. Who doesn’t love a good rose embroidery? Also, yes, I do live my life in TJMaxx stores. There’s really no other way to live on a college budget.
So naturally, this black and white striped top is from Marshall’s as well. The off-the-shoulder top is truly¬†life.¬†
My jeans you guys have seen before in my Baring Shoulders in Shelburne Falls blog post. They’re mom jeans from the Kendall and Kylie collection at Pacsun, and also high key my favorite jeans in the entire world.

So how exactly do mules help you master Monday, you ask? Less time changing your outfit to match your shoes, more time hustling like a boss.

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