Baring Shoulders in Shelburne Falls

Its been too freaking long, my friends. Not writing on the blog for over a month nearly killed me, but I’m excited for the changes that have been made around here! It was so helpful to take some time and refocus my vision for trendychelsea, and now that things are up and running again I’m ready to go full force. Not to mention all of the new content that is coming your way! Be sure to subscribe for e-mail updates on the right so you never miss a post!
Last week, one of my roommates and I took a day trip to an adorable petite town called Shelbourne falls. Aside from their famous bridge of flowers (yeah, you heard me right), they had possibly the cutest little downtown ever. There is no shortage of craft shops and little cafes to occupy your afternoon, as well as a pretty big waterfall just off the main st.
I wore my absolute¬†favorite¬†cut-off jeans from the Kendall + Kylie collection at Pacsun, with a strapless top that I’ve had for 4,000 years from American Eagle. I love wearing my hair up with strapless tops!
Paired with that are just some black slip-ons with a gold heel from Charlotte Russe and a flat-brimmed sun hat from Marshalls.¬†Confession time: we all know I never put that hat on. It’s quite possible the cutest thing ever though, so it had to become a held accessory. I have no shame.
For jewelry I just threw on a black choker with my cross necklace that I got in Bethlehem which I always wear. Lastly, for those of you wondering my lip stick is from the Sephora collection of lip stains.

I couldn’t end my first post back without talking about possibly one of the most exciting new projects, uh… ever! YOU GUYS, with your help I’m launching a campaign on this blog to showcase the unique passions and ambitions of precious girls just like you! The original idea behind being a #trendsetter was that every day we get to make choices and live out lifestyles that represent how drastically unique we all are, thanks to a God who created us that way! I’ve loved sharing parts of my life with you guys, knowing that my style and individuality has value! Now its your turn!
I’m currently accepting story submissions on how YOU are being a #trendsetter in your friend group, community and in the world! You can submit your story for the chance to get featured and share your work at I’m psyched to read your stories and share them!

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