Reflection, Realigning my Vision, and Counting down to the Relaunch

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written, and for that I apologize. The transition back to the US has been a busy one, filled with life and excitement, but nonetheless busy. I moved out of my childhood home, helped my parents move into their new house, and finally got to settle into a little 3 bedroom place not far from my college. The past few weeks have been filled with rearranging furniture, painting mismatched chairs and various other decor pieces, while making endless errands to Target for household needs that I never seem to remember in one shopping trip. I can’t begin to explain how setting up this place has made me so excited to become a homemaker some day, designing a space where I can build a family and an environment to bless and serve others.
Anyways all this to say, this fresh new environment has provided me some space for thinking, dreaming and creating. I’m blessed to be living with people who are creatively wired like myself who encourage me to think bigger in terms of my dreams and be the best ambitious version of myself. It’s so good to take a step back from your work and reevaluate… well, everything. With a project like TrendyChelsea, I’ve invested so much. I want to make sure that TC is still growing and developing to reflect where I am creatively, and that I haven’t lost touch with the bigger vision of being a #trendsetter. When you get in the routine of running a project like this in the midst of a busy life, it can be easy to loose the bigger picture and just operate in a check list manner. So this summer, I’m going to take some time to dream a little bigger, think a lot about the focus of my content, and reconnect with my passions. I’m unsure of how long this will take, but I am sure that when we relaunch, TrendyChelsea will be better than ever before.
Until then, be sure to keep up with me on all the socials. You know the drill. Talk to you soon, trendsetters.

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