DIY Channeling Chokers

Chokers have literally been my obsession for the past couple of years, and I would probably have a million by now if they weren’t so ridiculously expensive! Specifically, I’ve really been loving thicker black ones with and without all kinds of gems, symbols, and details. So yes, I love them all.

The thing is chokers are so easy to make, it makes it seem silly to put $$$ down for them! All you will need is:

♦ Black felt ribbon

♦ Any charm that you like!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Take your ribbon out and cut it a few inches longer than the circumference of your neck. Then, just put your charm on and center it in the middle of your ribbon. I just literally tie the ribbon around my neck without it being too tight! Guys, its so easy.

The best part is you can buy all kinds of charms and just replace them whenever you want a choker for a different look. Endless looks with only a few materials!

I got this marbled gem from Michaels for a few dollars, and they had lots of different options if you wanted a more subtle, simple look!

You could attach clasps to the end of your ribbon for a cleaner, more permanent look, but I really like being able to switch out my charms. I usually wear my hair down, but if you tie the ribbon into a cute bow, its just as adorable to have your hair up! Be sure to tweet me pictures of your recreations!!

Until next week, stay trendy!


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