Do less, Do it well & Do it for the Glory of God

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a post just being super real with you guys. Amidst all of the fashion, traveling, decor and beauty, once in a while it’s really nice to just share with you guys where I am, what the Lord has been teaching me and how I’ve been growing. What’s been going on with all ya’ll? Give me a life update in the comments!

About this time last year, my friend circle began to completely shift. I had just gotten out of a relationship and was beginning to spend more time with my girlfriends. As those friendships began to cement themselves and I got closer to a group of absolutely amazing, ambitious, christ-centered, BEAUTIFUL women, I honestly felt inspired. These were women who dreamed outside of the box and worked hard for the things God has put in their path.

I began to do more, especially as spring semester rolled around. I applied for more things, I spent more time brainstorming content and new ideas for the lovely ULR you’re on right now, and kept my eyes open for opportunities in life. Any opportunity actually. I also spent a lot of time this summer thinking about what more I could get involved with this semester, and how I could continue to develop and grow my own projects. I felt motivated at the beginning of this semester, ready to take on the world.

However, as the semester rolled on, I didn’t feel as accomplished as I thought I would. I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t ambitious enough, and wasn’t good enough. No matter how many things I could put on my resume, I never felt happy with how I was spending my time or felt like I was taking full advantage of my time in college. My schedule just became a pile of obligations that drained me. In the midst of all this, I forget a couple of really important things.

You see I began to view my work as an obligation rather than something I enjoyed. By spreading myself thin, I had less time to focus and pour myself into my commitments. After choosing to drop a few things, I’ve realized its better to do less so that you can fully commit yourself. You will feel better about your work, and your supervisors, bosses, editors, etc will thank you for it.

The second and more important thing I forgot was that my worth is not a reflection of my work. The reason I felt discontent with my work was because I was basing my self worth off of it. In the midst of balancing homework, writing articles, blog posts, workouts, church events, and discipling new students, I failed to remember that God loves me because He made me and because I belong to Him. I can’t measure up to the perfectly balanced person I have in my head, but Christ doesn’t care about that. He just wants me to love Him and serve His kingdom in all that I do. And that’s really the only way to be fully fulfilled and satisfied in your work, to do it for the Glory of God. 

Ok that was a lot of writing, I’ll admit. If you made it to here, congrats and thanks for reading my rambling! Again, give me a life update in the comments! I want to hear!

Until next #trendytuesday, stay Christ-driven!


7 replies on “ Do less, Do it well & Do it for the Glory of God ”
  1. Amen! It can be so easy to stay busy for Jesus that we forget to spend time with Jesus, to slow down long enough to be His hands and feet in the moment, or even that He already has us covered.

  2. I’ve gotten away from the very important aspect of doing it (whatever it is I am doing) for the glorifying God. This was an inspiring reminder.

  3. …”my worth is not a reflection of my work.”
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder!!!!! I am who GOD created me to be…regardless of how many posts I write, loads of laundry I do and how many floors I mop while being at home. I was created meaning something to GOD, BEFORE I had the ability to do all those things!
    GOD bless you my sister in Christ for the reminder!

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