DIY Style: Perfectly Patched

Calling all former girl scouts!

About this time last year, I began seeing all of these adorable denim jackets covered in assorted patches all over Instagram, Pinterest and fashion websites. Cue total obsession! Thus started the slow collection of patches that I like from my various travels and craft stores. Now that fall is in full swing and I’ve collected enough for nice arrangement, I wanted to let you guys be a part of putting it all together.

You can find a lot of really cute patches at Michaels, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, etc. My other patches include a skyline from Frankfurt, Germany as well as a patch from Camp Pink. (check out my haul from Camp Pink here!)

I got this oversized denim jacket from Salvation Army, and just arranged the patches randomly before ironing them down. (You may need to sew some of them on as they start to peel off a little.)

Guys, the patch obsession is almost as insane as the foliage obsession. Since making this jacket I’ve also bought a vintage denim skirt that I’ve attached patches too, and I keep buying more… #cantstopwontstop

If you guys make your own patch covered jackets, be sure to tweet me photos! Love you guys so, so much, and I’ll talk to you guys next #trendytuesday!

Until then, get patched!


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