#TrendyChelsea turns 21! (Why I Waited till Now to Drink)

Sometime between the ages of 14 and 16, I decided that I was going to wait until my 21st birthday to have my first drink (a piña colada, to be exact) with my mom. While that didn’t exactly pan out due to logistical reasons, that decision has certainly shaped how my high school and college careers have looked thus far. I was never really in situations where alcohol was offered to me, but there certainly were times in Europe where it was hard to turn down. But alas, yesterday was the big day! I went to New York to a restaurant called Sugar Factory for dinner and my first drink with a couple of close friends.

I’m not entirely certain why I made the decision to wait, but I certainly learned a few things in the process. The first being that all great things are worth waiting for. I can’t tell you with confidence that I would have enjoyed my 21st as much as I did had I drank before. And in some ways, this can applied to different areas of life. Now I know having a drink is nothing close to having sex, but in some ways I see a parallel. Had my first drink been a crappy beer when I was 16, it would have meant less. In the same way, giving up your virginity carelessly before marriage can really cheapen sex.

Now let me just say, I’m not judging anyone who has decided to drink before turning 21. Thoughts on drinking cover a wide spectrum across the world, and I don’t believe there is a hard right or wrong. Waiting until 21 was simply the right decision for me.

Of course, I couldn’t celebrate the big day without a photoshoot, that would simply be a tragedy. Here are some photos from before dinner! A special, special thanks to my wonderful, wonderful friends for skipping classes and driving to NYC with me! You guys are seriously what made the day unforgettable!

Funny story, I never even let the sober station! But nonetheless I had so much fun, much thanks to my thoughtful, generous, wonderful friends! I love you guys so much! I also vlogged my birthday so if you’d like see that, you can check it out here!

Until next time, stay trendy!



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