Fall DIY Decor: Chalkboard Globe

With fall practically upon us, it is the perfect time to shake up your room decor in your apartment, bedroom or dorm! I could literally spend hours scrolling on Pinterest, saving dozens of photos of bedrooms I can only dream about. Think cute succulents, twinkly lights, and marble everything. Aka, I want to live in an Urban Outfitters.

but granted, I be livin that poor college life. So, I decided to make some of my favorite decor pieces using items I bought at antique fairs and second hand stores. For the rest of September, check in every #trendytuesday for a new Urban Outfitters inspired DIY.

First up? I made this adorable chalkboard globe! Its not only a great decoration, but also perfect for writing inspirational quotes or places you want to travel!

For this DIY you’ll need:

♦ A globe (obvi)

♦ Spray paint in the color of your choice! I chose rose gold, but it’s up to you!

♦ Chalkboard paint (and chalk!)

♦ Painting sponges

You’re just going to start by spray painting the axel and stand of your globe! Don’t worry if you get paint on the actual globe because you’ll be painting over it anyways.

Next, you’re going to paint the actual globe with you chalkboard paint until the entire surface is covered. It might need more than one coat.

Once your paint has dried, have at it with the chalk! The more creative you are, the better! I’d love to see your recreations so be sure to tweet me pictures!

I hope you guys liked the kick off of this DIY Fall Decor series! If you did, be sure to come back next #trendytuesday for another one. Until then, happy fall!


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