Falling in Love with the City of Love

So yes, my time in South Africa is done. I really hope you guys enjoyed my #TrendyMeetsSouthAfrica series, because I really enjoyed sharing it with you guys! God did amazing things this past month and I’m forever grateful for the things I’ve experienced and learned.However, my traveling is not done! Strap up your hiking boots up folks because I’m headed on el Camino de Santiago!

El Camino is a pilgrimage that goes through Spain, extending 500 miles! My friend Lizzie and I decided to hike it after ZA since we have a layover in Europe. If generally takes about 40 days to do, but we’re challenging ourselves to finish it in 35 before school starts. Say prayers for us, I beg of you. Before we started on our voyage, we went to Paris for a day to leave luggage with a friend and explore the city.

I’m sorry did you get that? I went to PARIS. The 16 year old me would be so proud, flabbergasted, and breathless all at the same time. It honestly was a dream come true to visit this city and see the gorgeous architecture, immense history and Eiffel Tower with my own two eyes. I’m still screaming inside. Also, can we talk about the accents on those French guys?

Here are some photos from our exploration! Enjoy!

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