This past weekend I had the AMAZING opportunity to attend VS PNK’s first ever Camp Pink! This was Pink’s first year ever to do this, and let me tell you, I sincerely hope they’ll make it annual. I was super fortunate to attend, all thanks to CollegeFashionista and my #RAD internship.

Despite only being on camping grounds for less than 48 hours, I can honestly say that I have made lifelong friends, tried new things, and gained about enough Pink swag to last me the rest of my life. For my first ever travel post, I wanted to show you a glimpse of my upstate NY weekend getaway, so without further-ado, take a peek!

Airport Essentials. Caffeine Included.
welcome to camp
Photo Creds: Maddie Schwarz
Camp Vibes
cabin crew
Pictured: Sahana Holla
guru gang
The total #GuruGang!
Pictured: Myself with founder and Creative Director of CollegeFashionista, Amy Levin
pool time
morning yoga
Mornings are not complete without a yoga session, on pink mats of course!
jump house
Bounce houses are for 20 year olds too, right?
jump house2
fiower field
Get Lost and Go Wild
style guru love
Despite having pretty crappy wifi, I tried to snapchat as much as I could throughout the weekend. If you’d like to see my up-and-coming adventures, you can follow me with the username Chelsealynn01
As I said, I seriously got SO MUCH Pink merchandise this weekend, so I’m going to do a haul (and…GIVEAWAY!) on my youtube channel! Stay tuned for that!
A special thanks to CollegeFashionista and VS Pink for this unbeatable experience, and thanks to you guys for tagging along! Be sure to check out the links to all of these wonderful girl’s instagrams! They are all so incredibly talented and creative, and their aesthetics cause me to break the 10th commandment. Multiple times.
Next week I leave the United States for the FIRST TIME. I can’t believe it! Can you guess where I’m going? Stay tuned!

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