Dear long-distance best friend…

There is something uniquely hard about going to a different school from your best friend. You grow separately, make different friends, and learn more about yourself. And yet, in times of trial, joy and self-discovery, you find yourself just wanting your best friend by your side to experience it all.

At the same time, the long distance can take a real tole on you and your BFF. It’s easy to get caught up in whats right in front of you and forget to invest in that long distance relationship. It has taken my best friend and I many semesters to learn how to stay in contact and updated on each other in long periods of absense, and we’re still constantly learning.

So without further ado, here is my advice based on the lessons I’ve had to learn for cherishing and thriving as long distance best friends!

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Be sure to set aside time to have FaceTime dates, phone calls, etc. Relationships take work, and your friends are no different. If you really love him/her, set aside the time and be intentional about once a week to stay updated with each other.

Tag each other on stuff on social media. Whether it be a funny Instagram picture or a #relatable Facebook post, tagging your BFF is a nice reminder that you’re thinking of them!

Send random text messages of encouragement. When physical touch and quality time are out of the question, words of affirmative is your next best friend. Let him/her know that you’re praying for them, or send a bible verse!

Another nice thing you can do is send your best friend a gift! You might not be able to do this all of the time, but there’s nothing quite like receiving a package from your friend and knowing they didn’t need to send you anything, but they just did it out of love!

So there you have it! Remember to reconcile even if you haven’t always been the best long-distance friend. You need her and she needs you!

Dear best friend… i love you.


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