4 Health Hacks You Need to Know this Spring

Ok ok, I know we’re still in February guys, but seriously… Spring is almost here. And by spring I mean the 3 months we have to prepare our bodies for bathing suit season. That being said, I did a little research for you guys on health hacks that are seriously so easy and effortless.

I’ve already gotten into the habit of a few of them, and I hope you guys will to!

♦ Add Kale to Your Smoothie ♦

Smoothies are like 70% of my diet, no lie. They’re just so quick and perfect for on the go. Recently, I’ve been adding kale to my fruit smoothies and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. Kale is filled with antioxidants and has tons of fiber, and the best part is: you can’t even taste it in the smoothie! Benefits without feeling like you’re eating grass? Yes please! (For more information on health benefits of kale, click here.)

♦ Drink Tea After Every Meal ♦

I’m not sure what it is about tea that makes me feel so detoxed, but it seriously does. Tea is also good for speeding up digestion, and so the more you drink it after each meal, the better off you’ll be. Not a big tea fan? Try warm water with lemon. (For more information about the benefits of tea, click here.)

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♦ Get an Impormptu Arm Work Out while Blowdrying Your Hair ♦

Add some wrist weights to your arm prior to blowdrying those gorgeous locks of yours. Sure, your arms might be burning by the time you’re done, but that just means you can skip arms at the gym! Talk about efficiency.

♦ Take the Stairs ♦

Once I get into the routine of a new semester and know where I’m going, it’s easy to fall into the habit of taking elevators. They’re so convenient and, well… there. BUT GUYS, just make a habit of taking the stairs! Every little bit of cardio you get throughout your day totally counts!

Now, excuse me while I run to the store. I’m out of tea.


Did you guys try these hacks? Let me know!

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