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Valentine’s Day Photo Frame!

Valentines day is right around the corner, and whether I have a bae or not I am absolutely PUMPED. I mean, valentines day is for friends and love and chocolate and shipping yourself with celebrities that don’t know you exist. Don’t even deny it.

One of the other exciting parts of valentines day (or any holiday for that matter) is the adorable DIYs. I refuse to admit the amount of time I’ve waisted scrolling through Pinterest. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

One adorable DIY I decided to try was a V-day inspired photo frame for pictures, polaroids, etc. All you need to make this is: A frame of any sort, some twine, cute clothesline pins and any pictures of your choice!

Start by taking any backing attached to the frame off and making sure it’s just the actual frame left. I like mine they way it was, but you could also spray paint it different pinks, reds, golds, etc. An inexpensive way to do this is just buy a frame from GoodWill or Savers, it doesn’t need to be fancy!

Next you’re going to take your twine and cut pieces that are just long enough to be strung across the frame. Hang your twine in which every way you’d like, and fasten the edges to the back of the frame using superglue or hot glue. (confession: I used cut up command strips. #DormResourceProbs)

Then, just hang your pictures up how ever you want using the clothespins.

P.S. I got these clothes pins from Michaels, and they have a ton of  other V-day ones!

So that’s my final product! I think it turned out really cute and it was really inexpensive! If you guys recreate it, be sure to tweet me some pictures!

Happy #trendytuesday!


What are your Valentines day plans this year? Let me know!

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