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Spring Semester Goals!

Some people might think its pointless to make goals for the spring semester considering we just made new years resolutions, but I still find it to be really necessary and motivating. When you move back into college, you’re changing your environment and it’s the prime time to set goals and get into good habits. I wanted to give you guys some good ideas for spring goals to get your semester off to a good start. Lets do this!

Drink More Water 

Sometimes I find this to be a whole lot easier to do if I have a water bottle that I love. Just make sure to fill it up each day before you leave for classes and you’ll be more likely to hydrate throughout the day! Drinking lots of water can help you feel less hungry and reduce lines and wrinkles in your face.

Read God’s Word Everyday 

Nothing is more rewarding then staying in scripture everyday and noticing yourself growing in your relationship with Him. Find a time in your schedule where you can sit down and dig a little deeper. For me, I have 20 minutes or so in the morning and it always helps to feel more grounded throughout my day.

Be Open to New Things 

If you knew me through out high school at all, you’ll know I’m not your average outdoors kind of girl. But last semester I pushed myself to go on some hikes with friends and I really have grown to appreciate being in nature and admiring God’s handiwork. You’ll be surprised at what you end up enjoying if you push yourself to try new things and have an open mind!

Get to the Gym 

OK this one is so basic, I KNOW. Nevertheless, I feel the need to include it in hopes that I will somehow feel some motivation to workout.

Start a Daily Objectives Journal 

I don’t know about you guys, but when I don’t make lists of things I need or plan to do, my productivity totally plummets! I bought a really cute journal and each night I’ve been writing down the things I need to do the next day. These things can encompass your other goals for the semester like go to the gym and do a devotional! It’s ok to write down things that you need to do everyday. Being able to check off things is quite possibly the best feeling ever, and we need to remind ourselves that we are doing a good job at life!

So there you have it! I hope you guys can take inspiration from these goals and adapt them to your schedules and priorities.

Remember to keep striving to be a better you and seek the Lord in all you do! I believe in you guys and I’ll be praying for you through out the semester!


Have an awesome goal that I didn’t mention? Let me know below!

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