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Morning Routine + 5 Tips for Making Yourself a Morning Person

It is so rare to find a college student who not only tolerates, but enjoys the morning time. I mean really, do you people even exist? Ironically enough, one of my biggest discoveries this semester is how rewarding it can be to get up at a decent hour (ain’t nobody said the crack of dawn. I’m not crazy), and get a earlier start to my day. I wanted to share with you guys my average morning routine plus some of my top tricks to getting the most out of my morning.

Normally morning and night routines are popular for vloggers and people of youtube, but I’ve really wanted to venture and do them on here! Let me know if you guys like this kind of post and maybe I will keep doing them! Lets get into it!

So as I previously said, this semester has definitely shown me the benefits of waking up early and making your morning productive, peaceful and joyful! I’m not saying I pop of out bed wide-eyed at the crack of dawn ready for life, rather this has been a journey of me training my body to be more of a morning person. Also, this morning routine is what my average morning looks like. It is of course not true for every single morning.

So, first I get up at 8am. My first class is at 10am on Tuesday and Thursday and 1:25pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so 8am gives me plenty of time to get ready. Of course you can adjust this wake up time if you have earlier classes (God-forbid anyone have 8 AMs…)

Usually I shower at night, so in the morning I just wash my face and brush my teeth, then get started on my makeup. My everyday makeup routine is pretty natural and usually takes around 15 minutes.

After my makeup is done, I will usually pour myself a cup of Starbucks Iced coffee and listen to some worship music to set the pace for my day. You can buy the jugs of Starbucks macchiato or vanilla latte at your local grocery store, and this saves a lot of time that would normally be spent going to a dining hall for breakfast. If I have more time on a day when I don’t have class until the afternoon, I will sometimes grab a cup of coffee with friends at a coffee shop close by my dorm building.

While I get some caffeine and Holy Spirit in my system, I also like to multitask, AKA lets get this mess of a mane under control! It usually takes me about 15 minutes to either straighten or curl my hair for the day.

Getting dressed is of course the next battle, and quite the battle it is! I’ll just let you imagine how long that takes…

After I’m finished with all that (and I look more human, less alien), I spend some time in God’s word. I’m currently working through James and I love a lot of the great teachings James has for individuals and the church. Starting your day in scripture is one of the best ways to be focused on Him throughout your day and have a joyful spirit.

So, thats it! I’m often times off to class or starting on my homework by now, and it’s all down hill from there…. just kidding. ?


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