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Hello Ladies and Gents,

As I was brainstorming for a topic this week, I got slightly distracted (multiple times) on twitter. This isn’t exactly uncommon for me, lets be honest.. I have lots of practice when trying to do homework. However, as I was scrolling through the multiple tweets about pumpkin spice lattes and fall relationship goals, I got thinking about the many stereotypes of American teenage girls, otherwise known as common white girls, or basic girls. Now, lets be honest. We all know that generally speaking when these stereotypes are brought up, they are relayed with… well lets just say “a mocking undertone.”

I am not for or against the the culture of common white girls, because lets be real here, sometimes I am one. However, I think its refreshing to have your own style and allow yourself to be unique in the way you present yourself.

Anyhow, there are certain things (deemed by society) that classify a common white girl. I’m here to tell you the top 5 essential traits/possessions of every common white girl. Do you match up with each requirement?

1. You love your Starbucks Frappachino more than your own brother

Not only that, but you also go throughout measures to make sure everyone that follows your Instagram knows you love your Starbucks as well.

2. You’re madly obsessed with your twitter/tumblr/Instagram

Did something really happen if you didn’t post it? You have an image to keep up with!

3. Your winter wardrobe consists of a north face, yoga pants, and of course, UGG boots

This one is pretty predictable. However, its not limited to these few items. Your wardrobe might also include Hollister jeans, knee high tan boots and tribal print leggings.

4. You have devoted some portion of your life to a boy band 

Ok.. it doesn’t necessarily have to be a boy band. Channing Tatum or Justin Bieber will do.

5. Last but not least.. you take pride in your ability to quote your favorite movie, Mean Girls.

You’ve taken it into your own hands to make ‘fetch’ happen. One thing… “stop trying to make fetch happen.”

I think theres a little bit of whiteness in all of us. You can’t deny it or make it go away.

It’s good to have individuality, don’t get me wrong. But its also not a bad thing to be, well, basic.


Trendy Chelsea


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